What we offer

Herd by Horses NZ provides two therapy based programmes (Equine Assisted Therapy and Equine Assisted Learning) plus Corporate team building

Equine Assisted Therapy

Our Equine Assisted Therapy programmes provide therapeutic services to individuals, families in the community based on the EAGALA model.

We use activities involving our horses and the person’s counsellor to promote physical, mental and emotional growth in young and older people experiencing issues in their lives

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Equine Assisted Learning

Kelly and Cora also provide a form of Equine Assisted Learning, teaching natural horsemanship skills to children, teenagers and young adults to assist with them with developing themselves and a wide range of strengths and skills to help them in their daily and future lives.

This therapy approach is great for people where practical skills are seen as more appropriate to their needs.

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Corporate team building

Our Corporate Team Building sessions provide a unique, experiential way to highlight strengths and challenges in your business and how you work together as a team.

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