Equine Assisted Learning

The Herd by Horses team provide Equine Assisted Learning sessions in a controlled setting.

Building confidence with hands-on

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is experiential learning involving activities done with horses.  Equine assisted learning is usually offered to groups.

The activities can help re-engage students in academic learning.  It helps students with empowerment, leadership, team work, self-awareness, highlights strengths and develops communication skills.

The clients participate the activities with the horses on the ground, and the trained facilitators guide the process.

Success can be your horse being comfortable with standing close to you on an un-natural surface such as a plastic sheet

Rather than focusing on personal issues, the focus is on concepts and principals.

We are passionate about providing early intervention programmes to youth in our community.  Statistics show that children with behavioural or mental/emotional issues are at higher risk of becoming involved in crime or self-destructive behaviour such as self-harm and suicide

What difference do the children/teenagers think the sessions make to them ?

” I listen more, don’t act up as much and get more out of being at school”


Have a look below at how a session can proceed?

  • Before every session, the horses are checked over, groomed and their readiness to start working is assessed
  • Making friends of the hairy, bay coloured kind
  • Hands-on is taken literally
  • Every session starts with getting reacquainted
  • Standing close (but not too close) is a good way of forming a bond
  • A course is set up with challenges and temptations
  • The end goal is described by the course designers
  • "How do we get a horse to walk backwards ?"
  • Horses love attention when everything is calm, quiet and feeling good
  • Some of us have four feet and some only have two


  • Standing back to back in a circle, our horse circles us
  • Around us in a circle Noa goes, we are a team
  • Made it - our horse has circled us

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