Equine Assisted Therapy can really help

Our Equine Assisted Therapy provides therapeutic services to individuals, families in the community based on the EAGALA model.

We use activities involving our horses to promote physical, mental and emotional growth in people experiencing issues including, (but not limited to):

• ADHD and ADD
• Aspergers and Autism
• Social Anxiety
• Depression
• Anger and self-control problems
• Low self-esteem
• Abuse
• Communication issues
• Physical disabilities

We are passionate about providing early intervention programmes to “at-risk” people in the community.  

Statistics show that children with behavioural or mental/emotional issues are at higher risk of becoming involved in crime or self-destructive behaviour such as self-harm and suicide. Equine based therapy can really help.

Our EAGALA programme:

Kelly and Jane are EAGALA certified and work as a team to provide Equine Assisted Therapy sessions.  This form of therapy works using a hands-on experience based approach.

People participating learn about themselves and others through interacting with the horses.  At appropriate times during the session, the client can discuss feelings, patterns and emotions that arise during their experience.  

This form of therapy is very powerful for people that aren’t so good at “talk therapy” because they are shut down, or don’t know how to talk about what’s going on for them.

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